About Us

Why was MUSBE created?

The site was created to make the process of buying and selling university materials a simpler task while protecting the user’s privacy.

The Team

Cedric Mosdell

Head Graphics Designer

Cedric is a 3rd year Civil Engineering student at McMaster and loves eating hamburgers.

He experienced the hassles of finding his textbooks when he was in first year, so he provided the necessary insight for making MUSBE an online tool tailored to students.

Cedric has a background of doing art which had led him to becoming a part-time graphics designer and creating what MUSBE looks like right now. MUSBE was also his first site he has ever designed in his life! Woot!

Yi Chen Zhu


Yi Chen is a 3rd year Software Engineering student at the University of Toronto.

His main role was to code Cedric’s designs and make them come to life on the internet. This is his first time creating a site this big from scratch and it took some balls to do so!

Yi Chen specializes in back-end development where he programs the magic that happens whenever a button is clicked or an account is created.

Stephanie Tran


Stephanie is a 4th year Chemical Engineering student at McMaster.

She is very enthusiastic and loves to meet new people, and so she made sure as many people as possible knew about MUSBE.

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